New sections in Philperiodicals

The project and the site are in continuous development despite the confinement and the strange circumstances in which most of us find ourselves right now. We have now three more sections in our website:

  1. A bibliography section in which we will be adding research publications, presentations, projects, sites… The conditions are that (1) the research is done (a) by Filipinos or (b) on the Philippines and (2) that they use DH related methods or talk about DH issues in the Philippines. If you would like us to add some material, please contact us through the contact form in the contact section.
  2. An open section with materials that includes (1) online sites where to find digitized materials from/about the Philippines. (2) Tutorials and guidelines to use DH tools to work with those materials. The tools are related to the topics covered during Dagitab 1.
  3. A password protected section (in DH Summer Course) with all the materials used during Dagitab 1. If you attended Dagitab 1 or are very interested in seeing these materials, please contact us through the contact form so we can send you the password.
  4. A Forum (Dagitab Forum) to share questions and ideas.

Enjoy and #stayhome