Resources on Philippine DH

Places where to find digitized materials from the Philippines Combined catalogue of different institutions (Lopez Museum and Library, Ortigas Foundation, Filipinas Heritage Library…). It specializes in Filipiniana. There are a few online texts and quite a lot metadata. If you get an account as a friend of the University of Michigan and you log in, you can access many online materials about and from the Philippines, including periodicals. You can also use their tools for distant reading (HTRC feature reader). Learn here how to do so: : Some materials of Ayala Heritage Museum & Library are online here . You need to search the catalogue to find out if what you are looking for is online (normally on scribd). If you need to download it from scribd you can use an online downloader such as UST Digital Library with Filipiniana materials and rare periodicals (published before 1945) Filiteratura: a database of Philippine literature in Spanish and literature in Spanish about the Philippines (1850-1973). Collection of the University of Michigan on old US territories (the name of the archive is “The United States and Its Territories: The Age of Imperialism”. Many of their materials are also on They have also journals like Philippine Journal of Sciences and quite a few materials, especially in English and Spanish Philippine books in Spanish (and a few in English) Section on the Philippines of the SOAS digital library (School of Oriental and African Studies of the University of London) Some Philippine magazines in Spanish On this other they have digitized copies of La vanguardia (from the Philippines)

How To Do Things With Those Materials: Resources on DH tools

Preparing a corpus

Getting text out of scanned documents with Transkribus

Another guide to Transkribus

Cleaning OCR with Regular Expressions

Cleaning data with Open Refine

Text mining

Lesson on Programming Historian on Text mining with Antconc

Introduction to Stylometry with Python

A beginners guide to topic modelling with MALLET

Text mining with Python on Hathi Trust corpora

Heurist and databases

Instructions on how to set up a database with the open-source free app HEURIST:

Blog where a group of PhD students at the University of Virginia explain their experiences setting up a database with HEURIST:

Introduction To Programming

Introduction to the command line:

Introduction to Python

Introduction to Jupyter Notebooks