Lunch registration

Our conference programme does not include catered lunch. Although the University neighbourhood is full of sandwich shops where you can easily get a quick bite, the options for a warm meal are rather limited. This is why we are offering our delegates an opportunity to book lunches at the University cafeteria, located just a few minutes away from our main venue. The (freshly cooked) lunch includes soup, main course (dish of the day) and dessert, and the price is 12 EUR (per day). Water is also included. Needless to say, vegetarian options are also available. You can book your lunches per day and prepay them using the following link:

We shall distribute lunch vouchers at registration on Tuesday morning. Unfortunately, you cannot pay by credit card at the cafeteria (only debit cards are accepted), and they only have one cash checkout, which is why we have been asked to work with prepaid vouchers instead.

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